Scratch-resistant Tape scratch-resistant tape, Nakayama MIR Best cutting rule in the world Outstanding Durability and Sharpness Very wide application JAPANESE QUALITY = Consistency/Stability/Reliability

Scratch-resistant Tape

Protect from potential damage during gluing ensures anti-marking

Nakayama MIR Series

Sharp cutting and superior durability MIR is free from paper dust!


Special crease rule for transparent plastic packages, making perfect 90-degree angled

Technology to create high quality boxes

MIR finished perforation blade and cut-crease blade

Nakayama’s MIR blades are now not only for contour cutting

Bending Stiffness Tester "Mr. ORIMAGE"
Simple handling, precise data and short measuring time
SVELZO TAPE for smooth sheets transfer
on gluing, printing and die-cutting machine
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